Low-fi. High-fi. True-fi?


Since its beginnings, the record industry has been push technology to reach one goal: to make recordings sound exactly like the studio session. All the software, hardware, microphones, cables, equipment, pre-production, post-production, editing, mixing, and mastering that a recording goes through are meticulously done to shape the sound and tone of a song exactly how the artists want. However, that’s not often the sound you hear that the end of your headphones. Studios have A-list equipment and speakers to get a clear, crisp sound that are not in standard headphones or even some of the high-end headphones because of practically and price. The hard work of countless studio engineers and producers unheard because headphones cannot pick up on the finer details of the edit.

Sonarworks offers a solution to this issue in the form of their new consumer app that they are developing. One of the main causes of the misrepresentation of music is that all headphones are equalized (EQ) differently so the signal of the music is manipulated to fit the product. Sonarworks’ True-Fi app will work as a headphone calibrator, adjusting the internal EQ of headphones to match a song’s EQ. This makes the frequencies more accurate to the sound artists create in the studio.

The app has no announced release date, but will work as an audio plugin before any other music listening software on mobile devices. This is exciting news to any audiophile who wants to get the closest sound their favorite artists craft. Now they’ll be a competitor to the natural sounds from vinyl records.

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