Nintendo Switch: Re-think Gaming

Nintendo-Switch-Shot-02.jpg I’ve been a lot about the Nintendo Switch lately. Of course that relative to the constant hype around the console since it’s release in early March. The recent resurgence of popularity is probably due to the latest shipment of systems that have sold out as fast as they hit the selves. While I haven’t get able to buy my own Switch, but I got the chance to try it. Following Nintendo’s tradition of establishing gaming styles with new technologies and implications, the Switch’s use of sound it’s most innovative feature.

Like the Switch’s predecessors, a lot of the uniqueness of this console lays with it’s controller. The system’s Joy-Cons can be assembled in various ways servicing distinct modes of controller styles, effecting how the system is played. Whether you play with one or two Joy-Cons, vertically or horizontally, with motion controls or buttons, on the go or at home, the new controllers offer gaming flexibility like never before. As if the options weren’t good enough, they’re also packed with new technological features like HD Rumble and a Motion IR camera to improve motion sensing.

1-2-switch.pngThe console’s innovative design calls for creative game developers to push the technology in new directions. And there has already been evidence of that, even early in the Switch’s lifecycle with games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1 2 Switch. The former received nearly-perfect reviews across the board and the latter displays a spark of interesting implications for the system. One mini-game included in the title is a Ping Pong game where players must listen to the ball’s audio cues to match it’s timing with a swing. This game, along others like the Cowboy Quickdraw, show impressive usages of audio that could start a trend with later releases.

With an excellent launch, the Nintendo Switch is full of possibility. New tech, new controllers, new gameplay, and new mechanics, I can’t wait to see what the Switch has in store for us.


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