3189979378_bd7f68902c_bDo you get music stuck in your head all the time? Is your most used tool a pair of headphones? Do you listen to video game soundtracks? How about film scores? Did you buy the really expensive 7.1 surround sound system? Does sound immerse you? Then you’re in good company.

Sound Idea is a blog for audio lovers. From music to recording to foley art, Sound Idea will be a centralized hub for all things sound.

We stay ahead of the curve on sound technology to keep you up to date on big moves in the industry. We celebrate music in all its forms; either as stand alone media or complimentary for visual and interacting arts. We’ll dissect foley art to truly understand how audio effects movies and television shows.

img_1857Written by H. Albert Holguin, this is his first project (hopefully of many) to express his love for sound. From a Music Industry background, Albert knows the interworking of the business. A┬ápassion for recording and editing audio drove him to start Blue Hawk Studio (Monmouth University’s first and only recording club) and run countless DIY recording sessions with budding artists and experimental music. Interested in pursuing a career in Sound Design, Albert is dedicated to sound in all forms.

Any comments, questions, ideas, or suggestions are welcomed and can be submitted to s0947503@monmouth.edu


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