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Chiptune: 8-Bit Music Revived

Limitations can often spark creativity. When an artist is given a blank canvas, the endless possibilities can be overwhelming. Only when the artist decides the paint, image, and brushes to use does creativity really kick in.

8-bitThis is the same for 8-bit music.

8-bit or Chiptune music is a genre consisting of and deriving from the video game soundtracks for retro gaming systems. While it’s easy to dismiss this genre as an out-dated and obsolete form of music, the composers and musicians that keep this style alive show notable ingenuity even. Continue reading Chiptune: 8-Bit Music Revived


Nintendo Switch: Re-think Gaming

Nintendo-Switch-Shot-02.jpg I’ve been a lot about the Nintendo Switch lately. Of course that relative to the constant hype around the console since it’s release in early March. The recent resurgence of popularity is probably due to the latest shipment of systems that have sold out as fast as they hit the selves. While I haven’t get able to buy my own Switch, but I got the chance to try it. Following Nintendo’s tradition of establishing gaming styles with new technologies and implications, the Switch’s use of sound it’s most innovative feature.

Continue reading Nintendo Switch: Re-think Gaming

Battlefield 1: A Game for Sound

Image courtesy of Playstation Lifestyle


Critically acclaimed and beloved by fans, Battlefield 1 is a beautifully crafted game. With it’s stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, rewarding multiple player experience, a moving and diverse campaign, and animation so realistic it can be downright gruesome in the best ways, it’s no wonder why over 100,000 players connect to their serves. Continue reading Battlefield 1: A Game for Sound

Listen While You Play: Video Game Music

We praise video games for being visually stunting or deeply immersive, but often neglect the music aspects of games. Music sets the tone for the events happening on the screen. It has the ability to accent dramatic events, give musical themes for characters or locations, cause a ton of tension, or energize players to victory. It’s effects goes unnoticed at times, but music in video games are vital to the overall experience. Continue reading Listen While You Play: Video Game Music